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Other appropriate titles to this section could have been “behind the image” or “beyond the shot”, but they would have been too long. Thus, simply “stories” – this single word summarises the concept of the section equally well, which is simply to illustrate some of the stories that lie behind how some of these images were captured.

Each photograph tells its own story, like each individual person, which may be more or less emotional and interesting. Of many of my pictures, although not all, I recall the moment, the place and often the thoughts in my mind as I took them. This is because often one has an immediate feeling of a well-taken photograph. At the instant the shutter clicks and the image is captured, a virtual copy is registered in the photographer’s mind.

The aim is of course to create, to conceive something new, which perpetuates endlessly on itself. Yes, because a picture relies on its exclusive lighting which makes it unrepeatable, captured and attained forever at that precise instant.

And I would like to tell the story of some of those instants. It will be like describing a virtual journey in one’s memory.

The description and sharing of sensations, emotions and facts, accessories to a picture, which however tells its own story, might help to better understand the context in which it was taken.

Simple stories, therefore, sometimes pleasant, sometimes melancholy, but nevertheless always true.